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Service Offerings

Derma Vivere Wound Care Services

The wound healing experts at Derma Vivere relieves you of the administrative burden that often accompanies the treatment of complex wounds, allowing you more time to focus on the patient. Additionally, it eliminates the need for you to maintain the expensive supplies, equipment – and even staff – needed to provide advanced wound care in your private practice, hospital, or post-acute care facility.

In addition to Wound Healing, Derma Vivere provides:


On-site, Specialized Wound Care


Multi-discipline Care Team


Expert Billing with Extensive Experience in Wound Healing


Business Compliance


Patient and Clinical Education

Treatment Services

Acute and Chronic Wound Treatment

We treat acute and chronic wounds of all kinds, including areas of care where many wound healing organizations may not have experience:





Pressure Ulcers


Venous Insufficiency Wounds


Arterial/Ischemic Wounds


Surgical Wounds


Radiation Dermatitis/Irradiated Skin Damage




Diabetic/Neuropathic Ulcers


Wounds Requiring Lymphaedema Therapy

Outpatient Wound Healing

We treat acute, chronic and wounds that do not heal. We will work with your to coordinate care and keep you informed of your patients progress.  It all starts with an evaluation and then the development of a treatment plan

In-Home Wound Healing

Patients’ growing medical management needs do not always match the scarce medical resources available. Derma Vivere can help your organization manage your patient population with in-home services, including patient education. These services not only reduce the strain on your healthcare organization but are convenient and time-saving for your patients and easily facilitate the care of those especially with active disabilities, the treatment needs of comatose patients, and the elderly.

The current demographic structure shows a trend toward an aging population and an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases and chronic wounds. At the same time, reliance on medical care has increased, hospital beds have been reduced, and healthcare costs have increased. Home care is a more cost-effective model of organizing healthcare to address wound healing.

Post-Acute Facilities Wound Healing

(Assisted living, skilled nursing, long-term care and hospice facilities)

Economics may prohibit skilled nursing facilities from being staffed by highly specialized medical professionals in wound healing, and these facilities may rely on nearby hospitals and specialty clinics to manage both acute and chronic medical conditions. This back-and-forth transportation not only costs money and resources but also places a physical and mental burden on the residents who are often frail and debilitated from multiple medical conditions.

Bringing wound healing to residents in post-acute facilities will not simply eliminate the issue of convenience but will greatly elevate the quality of care for the residents. Derma Vivere can facilitate all phases of this specialty wound healing.

Hospitals and Health Care Systems

Derma Vivere specializes in developing and managing outpatient wound centers in partnership with hospitals and healthcare facilities. We also have turnkey solutions specifically designed for rural and critical access hospitals.

As a hospital or healthcare administration, your services are most likely diverse with no room for error. Partnering with a wound healing partner allows for the extension of your healthcare offerings and resources, providing the hospital with the opportunity to offer optimal and effective treatments for patients. Our healing specialists are able to give evaluations and manage treatments for chronic wounds that fail to heal after a month of cleaning, treating and dressing.